Can You Imagine Your Church Funding More Vision & Ministry in a COVID-challenged 2021?


Today, generosity is one of the most pressing and important issues facing church leaders, particularly in light of the challenges the past year has presented.

 When we combine the needs of a growing ministry and restrictions on worship attendance, with the unprecedented social ills of this world, we realize that only the Church has been equipped by God to provide answers that are genuine and eternal.  For the Church to maximize its outreach, discipleship, and social justice impacts, increased generosity is a must!

If not the church, who will stand in the gap for the lost, the marginalized, the orphans, the widows, and the hurting?  If we are to embrace the difference-making role that Jesus intends for His disciples, generosity becomes mission-critical to our ministry future.

Kardia coaches churches of all sizes and evangelical backgrounds. Currently, we have projects in play with Assemblies of God, Covenant, Converge, Evangelical Free, Independent Charismatic, Lutheran, Methodist, Non-Denom, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Southern Baptist, Christian Churches and more.  In terms of size, our churches generally fall between $250,000 to $40,000,000 in annual income.

Does generosity really matter and are there strategies that can make a difference?  Absolutely!  Ask a church in:

  • Minneapolis who recently completed their first-ever Year-End Giving Initiative.  Their goal was $100,000, which they considered a huge stretch.  Their people gave $169,000 to a 50/50 initiative; one half to address needed projects inside the church and one half to address compassion initiative in their community!
  • Parker, CO - a six-year old portable church attempting their first-ever capital campaign to buy land or a building.  Their people committed 160% of their established goal and giving to date, in the midst of COVID, is ahead of schedule, allowing them to put a contract on their first permanent home!
  • Southern California whose giving and attendance had been stagnant for size years.  Last year, they were up 22% in giving with flat attendance as a result of focusing on their generosity culture.
  • The Bay Area whose giving is up well over $300,000 this year!
  • A western US church with a multi-million budget who experienced a 50% in general fund giving while in a Capital Campaign!
  • The UK who saw giving spike as they focused on communicating Biblical Values of Generosity and implemented strategies to support them.
  • The midwest who went back-to-back with a Capital then Compassion First Campaign, launching satellite campuses, building a new worship center, and addressing real needs globally.
  • A community of 7,000 with over 1,000 in attendance who just opened the doors to their new ministry campus because their people committed and gave over three times the church's annual, general fund income.

The results are proven, the stories are real, and the expanded ministry capacity in each setting is already making an undeniable Kingdom impact, all for the glory of God!

Kardia's passion for generosity culture-building has been influenced in part by leaders like John Maxwell, Ray Johnston, Don Wilson, Francis Chan, Franklin Graham, Louie Giglio, Shelton Sanford and others.  That passion is rooted in the belief that we’ve been created to be difference makers in the world, for God’s renown. Most of the pressing needs in the world today could be met, in Jesus’ name, if… Christ-followers lived generously with all their resources.


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