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Whether relocation, renovation, debt reduction, satellite campuses, increased missions funding, new staffing, or meeting more needs in your community is on your radar, Kardia has a campaign suited specifically for your church.

Grow Your Giving [^GF]

Nearly every church in the country would benefit from increased general fund giving.  Working with church partners over 12-18 months, Kardia assists them in implementing many effective "generosity strategies" that will grow giving between 10% - 30% per year!

Ministry Spotlight

We have been blessed over the years, to meet scores of pastors and leaders; men and women who are passionate about seeing their church's vision become reality.  This month we spotlight a unique ministry partner in Modesto - Covenant Grove Church. 

Avoid A Summer Slump in Giving!

To help churches stabilize their summer giving, Kardia suggests implementing a "digital giving campaign" in April or May. We are providing a complimentary white paper to walk you though the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

While Kardia's home base is Northern Colorado, we serve churches all across the US, including Alaska.  We have church partners in New England, Florida, California, Seattle, Fairbanks, Anchorage, and all points in between!  On occasion, we serve churches in the UK as well!

Kardia works with a variety of evangelical churches.  Examples include, but are not limited to, Assembly of God, Christian Churches, Covenant, Converge, Southern Baptist, Free Methodist, UMC, PCA, EPC, PCUSA, Evangelical Free, Independent Charismatic, and of course, non -denominational churches.

Absolutely not!  We work with churches whose annual income falls between $250,000 and $40,000,000!  Certainly, most churches fall between those two income levels.  We are committed to working with the Church, regardless of size, to help you see God's preferred future for your church, become reality.

Pastors are often concerned that during a campaign, people will re-direct their regular giving to the campaign, leading to a decline in general fund revenue.  We find that when campaigns are implemented within a biblical framework, with excellent communication, general fund giving will actually increase during the campaign!  The result?  General fund giving grows and campaign goals are achieved!

Kardia does not charge a flat fee for campaigns.  We have a sliding scale for all our churches based on two things; the size of the church and its geographic location. That simply means that smaller churches still find Kardia affordable rather than being priced out of the ability to have an experienced coach helping lead the way.

The ^GF symbol is simply our way of referring to generosity culture-building, or increased [^] general fund [GF] giving.  While not a campaign per se, Kardia assists churches who want to grow general fund giving implement a variety of "generosity strategies" that simultaneously engage people and increase giving.

While it is wise to minimize unnecessary expenses in a campaign, "saving" the campaign fee actually works against the church.  In the long run it costs the church far more to do a DIY.  Studies show that churches conducting a DIY campaign see between 33%-50% of the amount committed and given that they would have received, had they partnered with an experienced consultant/coach.

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