Ministry Spotlight - Covenant Grove Church, Modesto


Chapel on the Rock/Church of St Malo, Estes Park


More Than Asked or Imagined! 

Ever thought of attending or leading a church like the one pictured above?  Chapel on the Rock, also known as Church of St Malo, is located about an hour from our office.  
Each time we drive by, it's a great reminder that churches come in a variety of sizes and shapes; each called by God, regardless of size, shape, or geographic location, to impact their community...for His glory. 
We've enjoyed the opportunity for the past few months to serve Pastor Scott Nelson and the Covenant Grove team.  
Planted out of Modesto Covenant, Covenant Grove is young, growing exponentially, and needing to expand their ministry base in order to continue growing fully devoted followers of Jesus!   
Here's a recent update from Pastor Scott Nelson to the church:
After months of prayer, we have wrapped up our Building Hope Capital Initiative. Of course, we have been praying about this season for over a year, knowing that we would run out of space. And of course, the prayer, sacrifice, and service that God raised up in these months will need to continue for years. The Lord truly raised the spiritual temperature of our church family. We are "en fuego" right now!
One of the key verses in my head, through this whole season, was Ephesians 3:20 - The Lord is able to do immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine, and all glory to Him!
God did so much more than we asked or imagined in this season of sacrifice. Many new people stepped up to financially give or serve for the first time. We have over ten new people serving in ministry, prompted by the Lord. We have continued to meet (or exceed) our giving to the General Fund. The level of prayer has been raised, and lives are being changed by God's word and healthy ministry. For others, the sacrifice was painfully personal: many people in our church family have lost loved ones in the last few months. These sisters and brothers have leaned into God's love in this season, knowing they are not alone. We are a church family.
God has done so much more than we asked or imagined with the finances as well. Our Finance Ministry Team is led by some incredibly diligent people! They went the extra mile to check on the pledges, even making some phone calls to people.
  • Goal for the Capital Initiative: $750,000
  • Total funds received from Dec to Mar: $279,917
    • This is over 50% of our General Fund budget - in just over 3 months!
  • Total 3-year pledges: $864,736
  • GRAND TOTAL : $1,144,653
    • This is more than double our current General Fund budget!
    • This is 50% higher than our Capital Initiative goal! God raised 150% of our goal!!
 Every dollar was raised by God. I didn't raise a penny; our church didn't raise a dime. God moved people's hearts to sacrifice for His mission to reach people and bring them into His hope, love, and family. The Lord is doing more than we asked or imagined, and we are willing to do whatever it takes to follow Him. I am excited for the future at Covenant Grove Church, as we focus on the work of seeing God transform religious and irreligious people into Fully Devoted Followers of Christ!

In Christ,
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